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This will have many photos of sables over the years plus a little about 
some of them if possible, along with a link to their pedigree. 
What we will be doing is listing the dogs by their actual color..remember sable is pattern. 
The dog's actual color is the color of it's nose,paw pads, & eyerims. 
This way you will see actual dogs that are representative of that particular color

Black Sable Black Sable Parti Brown Sable Brown Sable Parti

Brown Sable

"Cara Belle"
Chicoryhill's Devils Right Hand
Owned by Denice Perry
Freedom & NV's True Colours
Moonfyre's Cup Of Joe To Go, CD, RAE2
Legend Samuel Spaniel
Owned by Vanita Ellis
Can CH Legend Peter Pan, CD
Mamaradlos Angel, CD, OA, OAJ THD
"Guinness" Owned by Carmen Langman



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