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Many thanks to Marilyn Brinker for supplying most of the names of these dogs

Marilyn & Kingspoint Mahogany Man (Duncan) around 1978
Sire of Champion and performance titled sables

Some of the earliest sables listed in the AKC and CKC (Canadian Kennel Club) stud books were:

Brown Bear (5-10-1927) Brown Sable

Gypsie (5-19-1930) Orange Sable
Sire: Red Roamer Dam: Frew's Gypsie
Breeder:James Frew
Owner:Shelton Silverburg

Hosking's Nancy (11-26-1924) Orange & Sable

Old Elms' Sable Sue {Red* F } A247244

Pete Holt (11-07-1939) Red with Black Ears
Sire: Port's Biz  Dam:Dusty Velvet
Breeder: T. Elbridge Holland
Owner:James N. Smith

Princess Penny X (10-06-1963) Sable/White

Rockfield Muffy (4-15-1909) (CKC) Sable & White

CH Rowcliffe Red Chief (11-1-1931) Sable (Now listed as Dk Red)

Ruben R (11-14-1911) (CKC-12525) Red Sable Male

Sable Bomber (5-12-1941) Sable

Sable Broc (5-12-1941) Sable

Sable Nipper ( 10-09-1944) Dark Sable
Sire: Boomerang's Tyke  Dam: Suzie Sable

The Pied Piper Of Fieldhead (6-11-1934) Tan w/ black hairs
Sire: CH Rowcliffe Ringleader  Dam: Red Lass O'Fieldhead
Breeder/Owner: Mrs. Ellwood B. Spear

Zipper's Sable Boots ( 12-18-1938) Sable w/ white markings

 The Story of Jolie Buttons
*NOTE: If you are lucky to have access to the original AKC Stud Books in hard copy, you will see that many of the cockers that were originally registered as "Mahogany" were changed to "Red" once AKC put their pedigrees online. This is truly a shame, as it makes it hard for those doing pedigree research. But way back when, a breeder or owner could register their dog any color they felt the dog had. But once AKC made the parent clubs give them a list of allowable colors..AKC would only list them instead. It's been a huge pain..

Back in the 1960's a little cocker was born called *Jolie Buttons. She was a black girl who was very tightly inbred. She was bred to a parti and they produced a Mahogany (sable) named Sir Benjamin VII. (See photo at end of this)
She again was bred to a tricolor parti named CH Birchwood Bacharach, and they produced another Mahogany (sable) named Birchwood Mahogany Key, and a sable girl named Birchwood Mahogany Mirth.

*A little story about Jolie Buttons:
I have been doing an extended color pedigree of Jolie Buttons. I took it out as far as I could. I did an inbreeding report on her, and the pedigree is massively inbred. The number 1 dog she is bred on is Ronie II..30 times. 
This dog has more influence than any other dog in the pedigree. If you take his pedigree back, his great grandsire is CH Rowcliffe Red Chief who was a sable.(in the original AKC stud book)
Ronie II himself was bred on Red Brucie 26 times and Robinhurst Foreglow 35 times, 
who was also thought to be a sable (Mahogany).(Again only listed now as Red instead of Mahogany)
Jolie's grandsire on her dam's side was also CH Rowcliffe Red Chief.
There are NO tan points to stop the sable from being passed down, so Jolie when bred to a tan pointed dog..would have had no problem producing sable. (Please check out Sable Pattern Explained)

Jolie was bred to CH BIRCHWOOD BACHARACH, a tricolor, and they produced BIRCHWOOD MAHOGANY KEY who was registered (in the actual AKC stud books) as a mahogany.
She was also bred to BROADLAWN'S CBS, a red & white parti and produced a sable, Sir Benjamin VII.
Now before anyone says..they couldn't have produced sable since Broadlawn's CBS wasn't tan pointed...his dam was, or at least carried the tan point gene..
Broadlawn CBS's dam was CH KAMPS' KLEMENTINE, registered as a red & white but DID carry the tan point gene as she did produce tri when bred to CH Begay's Tan Man as well as CH Birchwood Bacharach.
To see the inbreeding report click HERE (will come up as a PDF file)

This was in the the early 1970's and this dog was behind most (but not all) of the sables of today, and the breeding that started the huge discussion on sables with the ASC. 
You can go to the pedigree website and do a reverse pedigree on her and see how many well known sables and other Champion lines she is behind.
As you can see, there was no "Beagle" in the proverbial woodpile. LOL

Sir Benjamin VII and his daughter and his granddaughter "Harriet" (sable & white)
by Birchwood Banner, "Ben" known as the "other" red was the son of Jolie Buttons.
Dr Francis Greer traced the sable gene all the way back to Obo Donatello born in 1922.
We have since traced it back even farther.

~Connie Bliss, C'Lestial


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