How Sable Can Be Carried Down in a Pedigree
Black Dog

If you follow the pink squares will see a sable in the last generation..As it goes forward, you will see there has been NO  tan points produced.
Because there has been no tan points from the sable produced between then and now, this dog should be able to produce sable if he is bred to a bitch who has tan points or carries for them.

In other words, if you have sable in a pedigree and would like to know if you can produce sable, just remember to track it down, and if no tan points are produced from that sable, then you should be able to produce sable.

Black  dog Buff Dog Red dog Red Dog Black & Tan Dog
Red Bitch
Buff Dog Buff Dog
Buff Bitch
Black & Tan bitch Brown & Tan Dog Brown & Tan dog
Brown Bitch
Black Bitch Black & Tan dog
Black Bitch
Black  bitch Buff Dog Red Dog Red Dog
Black Bitch
Buff BItch Buff Dog
Buff BItch
Black  Bitch Sable Dog Black & Tan Dog
Sable Bitch
Brown Bitch Brown Dog
Brown bitch
Brown  bitch Brown & Tan Dog Black & Tan Dog Brown & Tan Dog ..
Black Bitch .
Brown Bitch Brown Dog .
Brown & Tan Bitch .
Brown Bitch Black Dog Brown Dog .
Black Bitch .
Buff Bitch Brown Dog  
Red & White Bitch .

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