How Sable Can Be Lost in a Pedigree
Black Dog

If you follow the yellow squares will see a sable in the last generation..As it goes forward, you will see there has been  tan points produced.
Because there has been  tan points from the sable . The sable gene is now gone..
This dog cannot produce sable, unless he is bred to a sable and if he is carrying for tan points.

This is how easy you can lose sable in a pedigree.

Black & tan dog Buff Dog Red dog Red Dog Black & Tan Dog
Red Bitch
Buff Dog Buff Dog
Buff Bitch
Black & Tan bitch Brown & Tan Dog Brown & Tan dog
Brown Bitch
Black Bitch Black & Tan dog
Black Bitch
Black & Tan bitch Buff Dog Red Dog Red Dog
Black Bitch
Buff BItch Buff Dog
Buff BItch
Black & Tan Bitch


Sable Dog Black & Tan Dog
Sable Bitch
Brown & Tan Bitch Brown & Tan Dog
Brown bitch
Brown  bitch Brown & Tan Dog Black & Tan Dog Brown & Tan Dog ..
Black Bitch .
Brown Bitch Brown Dog .
Brown & Tan BItch .
Brown Bitch Black Dog Brown Dog .
Black BItch .
Buff BItch Brown Dog  
Red & White Bitch .

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