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Sable Cockers website is dedicated to all of the sable 
American Cocker breeders and owners 
throughout the history of the breed and beyond; and for 
recognizing this attractive pattern and 
understanding how it works.
 Many breeders have spent years dedicated to
producing quality, healthy sable American 
Cocker Spaniels.
This website is for them and also for those who wish
to learn about, and to understand exactly what the 
sable gene is and how it has been a part of the Cocker 
Spaniel since before the split
from the English Cocker Spaniels

For those who are interested in the scientific research done on the sable coat color/pattern, we have this article available for reading. Just click on the name, and it will bring up the informative article in a PDF file.
Association of an Agouti allele with fawn or sable coat color in domestic dogs


The Sable Story

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